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Our online consultation service that is reliable and comforting. You can talk to our credible counselors to help you understand your problem from the socio-cultural perspective.

Relationship Counseling



Parental approval, financial & sex, family kinship, couple dynamics, divorce/separation, parenting.

Self-Development Counseling

Self-Development Counseling

Stress, personality adjustment, identity development, trauma, depression, anxiety, trust issue.

Educational & Career Counseling

Educational & Career Counseling

Purpose of life, academic issues, communication, friendship.

What they say about Momentizing

Let’s see what our clients said about our counseling service…

International Student, 29



Overall my mood improved a lot. My sadness is still there sometimes but the frequency is quite low (because I am still comparing my condition to others). However, I realized after having counseling, I need to work on my mental health improvement everyday.

Indonesian Expat, 24



I feel heard, that my feelings are valid. The counselor lets me know that I’m valuable and capable.

Indonesian Expat, 32



I found peace and calmness both in my heart and mind. I accept the condition I’m facing now, the matters that I should focus on, and the matters that I should ignore. I feel better about controlling my emotions too.

International student, 32



From the very beginning, I have realized that no one is the same, and everyone can change. After receiving counseling, I feel calmer because now I have a systematic way to deal with these feelings of disappointment. And I believe I am not the only one facing this kind of problem.

International student, 20


I know myself more and know how to handle myself in certain situations, especially when I’m angry. Now I know my needs and how to compromise with other people about them.

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Momentizing Support Group

MOMENTIZING Support Group (MSG) is an online group session that allows the participants to share their mental health struggles by providing guidance, feedback, and a toolkit to help them overcome the struggles better.


Personal connections

Understand how to build and maintain relationships with your partner, family, or friends across the globe.


Dealing with overthinking

Learn how to accept self and be kind to self while facing stressful situations.



Get to know how to integrate the different culture that influences our mindset, habits, and values.


Dealing with overthinking

Learn how to accept self and be kind to self while facing stressful situations.

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Momentizing  Discussion Forum

MOMENTIZING Discussion Forum (MDF) is an online forum where speakers and participants can discuss together with multiple perspectives from different professions and backgrounds.