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Established in 2019, It is an online information center & consultation website about youth, travel, and cross-cultural relationships.

Esta, the Founder of MOMENTIZING, has an immense interest in human global relationships, especially in cross-cultural marriage & parenting relationships. Her personal experience of being a cross-cultural married couple together with her husband, Jeff, from Mauritius, has shifted her perspectives of some challenges, conflicts, and communication barriers. It requires constant effective communications to resolve the conflicts.

By having a psychology background, she and the other team members work on MOMENTIZING to build respect, tolerance, and compromise in global relationships. By possessing those three core characters, she believes diversity can be an ultimate attractiveness in building a strong and steady global relationship. Particularly, finding common meaning among cross-cultural relationships is a fundamental formula in building intimacy of a cross-cultural relationship.

As the MOMENTIZING slogan, Memories of Amazing Moments, MOMENTIZING team believe cross-cultural relationships should create amazing moments and cherish the memorable moments.



Enable couples to create amazing and memorable memories through global relationships



  • Provide information and consultation about youth, travel, and cross-cultural relationship-related topics

  • Share experiences about youth, travel, and cross-cultural relationship-related topics

  • Enhance the awareness of building effective constant communications on cross-cultural couples

  • Hold regular discussion forums about youth, travel, and cross-cultural relationship-related topics





Discuss and share knowledge, ideas, and experiences are parts of the mission of MOMENTIZING.

Listen to our podcasts collection to get more enlightenment and thoughtful ideas.


Being in a global relationship doesn't always bring sparks of joy. There are a lot of efforts to overcome the obstacles and conquer the challenges. How do we keep the love sparks through differences? Find the answer by reaching out to our consultant.


Holding open discussions and listen to your stories directly is our greatest joy. Through online and offline events, we gladly welcome you to our discussion forum, talkshow, seminar, and many others.


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