What do you feel when you leave your loved ones? How do you deal with negative emotions? Maybe, it is just a snap of finger solving for some people, but for me personally, it is way completely difficult to detach from my family, husband, and close friends after a reunion. Bearing the tragic, sadness, disappointment, and longing to wait for the next reunion may lead to a blurry motivation. There are motivations behind the reasons of being immigrants. Not only live abroad but when you also move to other cities in your country, you feel detached from your family. However, physical separation doesn’t mean emotional separation. Communication will always remain.

An airport is the busiest place in the world. People depart and arrive. Leaving the boarding gate with a new spirit, rejoice, and hope. It is not easy, was and will never be. Once you reunite after intense homesickness, you try to memorize the moment you spend time with your family. Aside, you know that you need to relinquish the entire burden in order to obtain an enjoyable holiday. Particularly, I want to share my experience in navigating the homesickness into a long last motivation.

I begin with my traveling experience in study and work. Since I graduated from senior high school, I studied at Diponegoro University in Semarang. I went back to Solo, my hometown, every 2-3 weeks. After graduated in 2014, I continued to work in Solo until 2015 before I finally started my office work in Jakarta. In mid of 2016, I got a scholarship offer for my master degree in Taiwan. Hence, I decided to resign and stay in Solo only for a month before I said goodbye to my beloved country and greet my new life chapter in Taiwan. Trust me, leaving the one who loves and supports you the most is heartbreaking. Meanwhile, the new upcoming journey will give a new rejoice, strength, happiness, and definitely to your loved ones as well. Our family proudly welcomes us when we greet them with a happy healthy condition.

Here are three points of maintaining the strong and a steady heart once we need to completely henceforward living our daily routine back.

When we travel often, we certainly meet people from different characters

    Rather than shrinking yourself by thinking and worrying about your loved ones, try to see the good things in other people. For you who study, try to join school organizations and activities to enhance your skills and relieve your distress of the limited reunion time. For you who work, focus on amplifying your capacity and capability. Discover your new skills and enhance your recent skills to distract you from the ‘reunion feeling’.

😓Nobody is ever ‘get used to’ live separately with their family

    The fact is nobody is ever like or simply moves forward and relies back on daily routine. It surely takes time to get back to be highly motivated at study or work. I am sure we feel recharged and fully-energized once we gather with family and close friends. Meanwhile, facing the hardest fact to come back to reality is like having a ‘homesickness syndrome’. Am I right? Somehow, maturity can be mold from your personal experience in handling emotional cases, especially homesickness. Saying goodbye ‘until we meet next time’ and hello ‘welcome back to real life’ surely takes effort and willingness.

💗Focus on self-growth and self-care as we are responsible for our own sanity

The last point is to focus on building your self-growth while taking care of ourselves. Happily healthy physically and mentally are the essential substance to enjoying life while living so far from your loved ones. Nobody can comfort us directly as we live separately. We should be responsible for our own self. Hence, focus on creating better performances at school or work while maintaining communication with your loved ones back home will surely be helpful to enjoy your life.

Arrive at the airport always creates a mixed feeling within myself. Happy and sad are collide inside. Knowing we need to leave someone we love and live without family might lead us to feel empty, lost, and longing for the family present. Traveling always fun, if you think it is.

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