Travel is fun, but is it relaxing? Being globetrotter makes us wonder, “is it that simple💭?” I want to share my experiences with all of you, especially to my Indonesian fellows, about my travel experiences regarding VISA and IMMIGRATION issues. FYI, this sharing is only based on my personal experience. It could be different from other Indonesians👌. Born as Indonesian, gives me advantages and disadvantages. First! The disadvantages! Dealing with visa arrangement with the immigration staffs are the MOST COMPLICATED and a draining process. Especially when they noticed that I have an Indonesia passport. Bear in mind, travel internationally is not that simple for us. Despite the beauty of Indonesian nature and culture, traveling is quite problematical…

        Since I got married to a foreigner, I always need to deal with visa submission💆. Almost to all developed countries, it requires an Indonesian visitor visa with a bunch of documents preparation (you can click the link for details info about it). Visa means additional travel allocation too.  Here are some of the visa requirements:

Application form and recent photoBank statement with a minimum amount (normally 100,000 NTD in Taiwan)Details of itinerary and accommodationTravel insurance with a minimum repatriation arrangement. Passport should have at least six months of validity and other additional documents (for e.g., work certificate and marriage certificate)

A travel agent would simplify things for me, but unfortunately I don’t know any reliable and affordable travel agency in Taiwan who may help me with the visa arrangement in Taipei. Instead I have to go back and forth to Taipei by myself. My husband could not accompany me because of his work. And again, the immigration staffs always ask more detailed information to me.

         The worst experience was when my husband and I were preparing to travel to Europe. The immigration staff asked to prove how much money I have in bank by showing the bank statement😫. It was way too complicated and quite annoying when we had to go to the bank and order it with the bank stamp on it. It mostly happens when people from developed countries define Indonesia as a Moslem country for which I can’t deny. Nevertheless, it affects our opportunity to travel ‘around the world’. Yes, we are plural and diverse, but all the bad news such as terrorism, corruption, unsafety and discomfort access to some tourist destinations are still bias to convince more international tourists to welcome Indonesians. As Indonesians, let us think deeply about these issues🙋. If it happens continually in the future, I don’t blame Indonesian fellows who prefer to convert their nationalities due to the complicated compliance. I write this as I feel proud as Indonesian. I strongly believe each country has different regulations in permitting international visitors to explore their country. Thus, we just need to check their embassy website and prepare all of the documents needed. So, are you ready for boarding?