Do you guys know what this book about?

Have you been thinking of “I wonder why” toward the way men acts?

Have you been imagining men could have the self-awareness to understand women?

I will review Why Men Lie and Woman Cry book that I just read (I read in BAHASA INDONESIA, the original one is in ENGLISH version).

I highly recommend this book for all girls and men who are wondering, imagining, even dreaming of a better partner. This book will change your point of views toward how people act based on their gender-based.

The author, Allan and Barbara Pease, could tremendously portray how couples usually deal with their issues while they communicate regularly. They wrote in witty-informative style, so the readers can laugh at their own stories, without lose their focus on the paramount messages. By reading this, the readers may directly apply the simplest action to reconcile the tension in a relationship. Not only for husband and wife relationship, but Allan and Barbara also convey their experiences in response their clients’ letters. Since I read this book in Bahasa Indonesia, I tried to translate it for Jeff when we discussed some topics. Believe me guys, this book is totally helpful to understand why men act and decide something in their ‘unique’ ways. For instance, Jeff and I still learn to adjust in each other habit. I love tidy and clean up things around me, while Jeff loves to cook. This is not just a plan for us in building our marriage life, due to we spent our time together once we met. FYI, for the past four years relationship, we spent our three years in LDR (Long Distance Relationship) between Indonesia – Taiwan, and Indonesia – Mauritius 😊. Well, I had to thank LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook, and even Yahoo! for creating such useful and helpful apps for a couple like us.

From these three years we had been together, we only met once a year, which we decided to have a special holiday time whenever it became our most awaiting moment. I do understand build and maintain a strong communication does not depend on your physical look only. It takes courage, perseverance, patience, and the fundamental key, a commitment. This book has molded our mind and communication patterns in dealing with our differences. To be in a relationship is to be in an anchored-commitment. There are some visions which lead to similar missions. For a beautiful and long-last relationship, it takes a long process on the making. For Jeff and I, we both realize the consequences that we might face, how we should react to differences onward, and find a problem-solving action toward an issue. I deeply thank Allan and Barbara Pease for their special attention to the worldwide couples’ issues and by offering massive creativity and easily-practiced suggestions for the readers to rebuild their broken marriage life and strengthen the intimacy for creating everlasting couples.