Facing this Coronavirus with precautions is required in most countries around the world. Unfortunately, some of them are forced to keep their citizens locked inside their own house and needs certain permissions to go out. Some of the lucky ones are able to go out without trouble but are still required to take some precautions like wearing masks, wash hands whenever they can and keep social distancing. Travels have been greatly discouraged during these times and be the blame of the virus infection up-rise. Italy is, unfortunately, the very first example of it, and now they are all shut down because of it. What else do people do? If not travel what do, they do instead?

Back to Nature
If you are completely healthy, forest hiking would be a great spot to invest your time in. Forget about this pandemic and go back to nature.

Too much stress and worries might decrease the human’s immune system and this is when we are most vulnerable to the COVID-19 virus.

Thus, avoiding crowded places is the best remedy for your soul, well-being, and be where the least risk you might get infected by others. There is a saying by Jim Robbin, “A growing body of research points to the beneficial effects that exposure to the natural world has on health, reducing stress and promoting healing. Now, policymakers, employers, and healthcare providers are increasingly considering the human need for nature in how they plan and operate.” Recently, we have found some indoor games really useful as in bringing greater effectiveness as traveling, involving fewer people and its fun. We started playing board games and inviting some friends over to our house. Remember that we should not have more than five people in one room for our own and other safety. While enjoy playing board games, our mind subconsciously wonders into an adventurous mode where you are the main character of the game.

Exploring our sense of creativity can be helpful. Painting and writing are good examples of these. Some people might use puzzles as a source of creativity. Learning and solving puzzles enhance your brain in solving problems. It also helps mind relaxation and while improving memory and IQ.

Some studies even show that keeping the mind active reduces the amount of brain cell damage and supports and strengthen the growth of new nerve cells.

Cooking a new type of food for the family is also a part of creativity. Some people find their pleasure and passion for cooking as they are able to discover new recipes and being more creative with it. Some studies have shown that cooking has several emotional benefits such as giving satisfaction and improving the quality of life. From a study in 2018 written by Farmer N, Touchton-Leonard K, and Ross A, they mentioned that “Therapeutic cookery & yielded positive influences on socialization, self-esteem, quality of life, and affect of being around others in cookery programs and classes were a big help for the participants when it came to feel comfortable in groups, while they themselves felt more capable and better overall after a bit of time cooking.”

Time to plan your education ahead. People often hear themselves that they barely have time to study because they are too busy working and earn their living. Because you are staying at home and doing nothing, here is the time to decide and focus on what you want to improve in your education. Some people may have wanted for so long to learn new languages and been daily postponing to do it. Nowadays, there are so many free mobile applications that will get you started in no time. According to the April 2020 review, the five best applications of all times are:
– Babbel
– Duolingo
– Memrise
– Busuu
– AccelaStudy
Take online classes. There are so many other things to grasp from internet technology. Edx.org provides a vast variety of free online university courses online from different places,
including Harvard University. These courses do not give you any certification of whatsoever,
but it certainly allows you to keep the knowledge you learn. Extra knowledge is always good
for your future life.

Body Exercise
Going to Gym might be a bad idea, however, exercise at home is very encouraging. It helps
to build up the immune system of the body and keep the body fit. During this pandemic, many sports organizations are offering free high definition online videos to encourage people to stay at home. One of them: “Do Yoga with me” is providing stress-relieving breathing exercises targeting people with no prior experience or flexibility. No need to go further since YouTube has shown so many video exercises that would definitely help you to get started.

Written by: Jeff Yeung Sam Wai, 31, Mauritius

Instagram: @momentizing | Facebook: Momentizing | Email: momentizing@gmail.com

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