Have you ever wondered a virus that even invisible can make a huge panic effect on people’s lives? Is it just like the movies? Is it World War III? Many people start to think widely about what’s truly happening. Lately, death causes have increasingly become more than 220 people in Indonesia. In the middle of the panics euphoria, there are many people who start to give help or donation in many ways. COVID-19, new viruses found at the end of 2019, is a virus that can form a mild illness and severe illness, such as huge common cold or MARS and SARS. The transmission can be from the animals to humans (zoonosis) as what is predicted from Wuhan City in China. (Article Coronavirus: 2020. Ministry of Health by the Republic of Indonesia). So, how people could ever be survived by this virus? Surround high-tech circumstances, people have many ways to make them feel comfortable by facing this condition. From the government’s rule, they ask people to minimize physical contact by preferably suggest people stay at home and do social distancing. Yes, remind this virus is very dangerous with the invisible virus which can cling everywhere. This suggestion by the government affected how the people at a young age can make an implementation.

One of that youth named Dipo, a social activist from Solo, Central Java, Indonesia. Dipo and his friends initiate to form a social movement focusing on COVID-19 named ‘Solo Serentak’ in the last week of March 2020.

It starts with how Dipo and his friends are highly concerned about watching people being panic and afraid of facing this virus by always concerning the media.

They want to make social media much healthier without filled by various or hoax information. “We have to know how to manage our emotional feelings in this situation. Sure, it ain’t easy. But that is why Solo Serentak exists to help people not to be so panic but people can make positive things to help each other by giving a donation, collaborate to educate people, give a free hand sanitizer and mask”, stated Dipo clearly.

Source: Instagram of Solo Serentak

He clearly explains that Solo Serentak is here to educate people well about COVID-19. ‘Berjejaring Bersama’ as their main project that focuses on building networking together. They can collaborate with other media and people who are willing to start a donation.

Besides that, they also have a project to educate people about COVID-19 with the segmentation of people who still possible to stay at home and works on the street (i.e. pedicab’s driver) by giving them an informative leaflet and providing them with hand sanitizer and mask.

“Not every people got clear information about this pandemic virus, that’s why we think it is our duty to help the government and educate people who can’t reach the technology 24/7 to get a piece of complete information just like us. Maybe that is how we, the young generation should act, at least by the start from a small action, but it gives a big impact for others to save their life”, said Dipo.




“You can see it from our Instagram @soloserentak. We also ask the influencers from Solo to give a message to people to care and take preventive actions on facing this Coronavirus. Why we do choose influencers? Because they are the people who can make people believe and I am sure can make people increase their awareness”, clear Dipo. Also, he makes a #giveaway to make people especially their followers on Instagram to have active involvement. They will send food or merchandise to the contributors of their #giveaway

Above all the interview with Dipo from Solo Serentak shows us that from the youth perspectives. They have a big concern regarding this virus and just like what we see, the perspective comes from the Youth of Solo, a small city in Central Java, Indonesia. Surely in another city, even the bigger city, the youth also have a contribution to prevent this virus. We can see from how Dipo and his friends initiate to make a social movement during these hard times. So, when ideas, technology, and creativity are united, that is how youth works. Hopefully, youth never stop to initiate and make a contribution in every little step. It affects a lot as the youth are the future leader. Last but not least, please keep yourself safe, be selective on choosing news, and always wear your mask and wash your hands! Be happy, be healthy!


Written by: Alia Wiendyaningrum Silooy, 26, Indonesia

Instagram: @momentizing | Facebook: Momentizing | Email: momentizing@gmail.com

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