2019 will be ended soon. In less than 90 days, we will see fireworks and firecrackers sparkling in the air. Are you ready to close 2019 and start over a new year?

We understand there are optional and inevitable duties in life. There are consequences among responsibilities. We choose to follow our passion, while we know the consequences. What do we choose? What do you choose? Happiness or security? Patience or rush? Master’s degree or marriage? Friendship or career? Whatever our heart says, follow it with a set of attitudes.

During the time we are enjoying our late 19s, we have to face the reality of life momentum. We have to decide where do we go next? Where will we fly and park our dream plane? Choosing the college major, breaking up, dating someone new, cheering for a new job, getting married, or applying for a master’s degree. I wish our life could be lived in that easy path. However, the reality is not as simple as it seems. We should deliberate in a certain period of time before eventually decide the purposeful destination. Yet, one thing we should remember, in order to be a great person, we need to be willing to set ourselves on a growth battlefield. To find something meaningful and fruitful in life takes time and effort. Thus, being resilient, willing to learn, taking new challenges, and learning from the past as life lessons are tremendously important and helpful.

Here are some 4B tips to follow in order to live our quarter-life crisis peacefully. Psst, feel free to add another tip below.

  1. Boost confidence

People said confidence is what makes us beautiful. As millennials, we should understand the multiple roles we have in this early adulthood phase. By having a lot of different roles which need different aspects and talents, find our talents and train it as the strengths will help us to set up rules and boundaries for ourselves. However, don’t forget to embrace our flaws as it is part of our self-authenticity too. 

  1. Build a social network

Nowadays, a great personality attracts more than just a great resume. Who’s agree? Warm personality, sociable, great communication skills, and classy manner are a complete package start our life journey in balance. High academic achievements and credible work experiences will be more meaningful when we have an excellent social network.

  1. Be a critical person

This one of the top 10 skills in 2020 is extremely important to help us in dealing with the confusion of finding life balance. Critical thinking means an ability to question and find reasonable answers by understanding the causal effects of every action. As a millennial wife, student, or worker, we have to be able to distinguish the priority list which may contribute to our personal growth. Thus, always being curious regarding the received information is really important to recognize our best path.

  1. Break the barriers

Living as a student, life partner, worker, friend, child, and sibling may lead us into some chaotic roles without knowing the time and portion of each role. Set up the boundaries and rules regarding our emotional stability are really needed. Millennials who play multiple roles should focus on their personal growth by enhancing their self-skills. Also, they need to block all negativities and accept the whole package of personal gifts as they embrace their flaws. By understanding all the barriers, such as toxic relationships, unsupportive groups, and discourage tutors, we are able to choose ourselves to be surrounded by mind-positivity and like-minded people.

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