Speaking of millennials, of course, it has become a matter of frequent discussion in the public sphere today. The millennials are known full of innovation and creativity are high as able to answer any of today’s global needs. For this reason, it is necessary and important to know what crazy ideas that were born by millennials. Aside, the idealist millennials first need to know their characteristics in the amid of limited public space.

Millennials consist of groups of people born around the 1980s to early 2000. Millennials are also often referred to as Generation Y or Generations of Langgas. Millennials have different characteristics compared to previous generations. From the age, they are very young and play a very important role within the next ten years. Based on the current Central Bureau of Statistics data, there are 50% of the Indonesia population of productive ages and come from the millennial generation. It will reach 70% of the productive age population from 2020 to 2030. Millennials themselves love freedom and personification. They rely on the speed of instant information and enjoy learning and work with an innovative environment. With the high flexibility and mobility, millennials can do several things at the same time, from actively collaborate with others until activating the social media with hyper technology.

Millennial and Idealism Talking about millennials is certainly related to the concept of idealism thinking. Idealism is a belief in a matter that is considered right by the individual concerned originating from experience, education, culture, and customs. Idealism grows slowly in one’s soul and manifested in the form of behavior, attitudes, ideas or ways of thinking.

Meanwhile, according to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), idealism is (1) a philosophy of philosophy that regards thoughts or ideals as the only true things that can be kept in mind and understood; (2) living or trying to live according to ideals, according to standards that are considered perfect; and (3) sas flow which is concerned with fantasy or fantasy to show beauty and perfection even though it is not in accordance with reality. The millennials are ‘pemikir’ and idealistic fighters, where a lot of things can be done to change everything. Although the fact that it is impossible to be realized, it is possible for them to do with confidence. This belief grows empirically or based on personal experience through the adequate educations, influential cultural environments, and social habits that make a millennial more confident in realizing whatever he thinks and he must do. With ideal thinking, these millennials are able to give birth with the new concepts, ideas, and breakthroughs in order to achieve certain goals related to their lives within the scope of the family, residence, place of study, place of work, and in an organization in the middle of public society.

       Millennial and Public Space Along with the idealistic thinking possessed by millennials, there are a few problems faced in realizing what their target of achievement has become. Their presence in the community should have a positive impact on the development and progress of all activities in their immediate environment. The surrounding environment has indirectly become a public space for millennials, through face to face and cyberspace. Public space provides an opportunity for everyone, including the millennials, to explore with the existing facilities, ideas, and creativity.

However, so many millennials are reluctant, ashamed, or afraid to contribute, even though their abilities levels are arguably above average or more influential than others around them. On the other hand, millennials are sometimes lack of the opportunity to explore deeper, once they still studying or already working. Millennials might feel reluctant, ashamed, and afraid when they do not get the attention of the people around them. Besides that, the local government has to conduct interactions and approaches directly, such as being involved in the management structure, committee, and social activities. In addition, public space is extremely open in cyberspace. People can freely express their opinions without fear of word errors or offensiveness to certain people or groups.

Unconsciously, this will easily open up the opportunities for conflict, starting with delivering hate speech, spreading false news or hoaxes, and so on. This openness of public space should be responded wisely by millennials so they will not take the opportunity to justify what is wrong or to straighten the crooked.

Millennials as the agents of change must certainly be able to play an active role in all elements of the existing public space.

Millennials must dare to appear, dare to speak up, and dare to act. Millennials must also be critical of an issue and a problem that occurs in society. Yet more than, millennials must be able to be a problem solver of a problem. Millennials must also be the answer to the emptiness of the role of government in society. Limited or minimal public space will not prevent millennials from thinking and continue to keep moving forward without of the box thinking and the high creativity they have.

Millennial and Crazy Ideas To answer every person, group, or community needs, sometimes millennials have so many crazy ideas that other people might not have thought to possible.

Crazy Ideas does not mean ‘crazy’ or anarchic acts of violence and shameful nature, but Crazy Ideas of Millennials are actually creative and innovative by utilizing all the advances science and technology.

That is one of the strengths of millennials. As for some crazy ideas can be explored and found by themselves. The first is From Zero for A Thousand Impact, where the statement illustrates the peculiarities and characteristics of millennials who believe that everything can start from nothing. Even in the absence of anything, they can make some things from nothing into something. From what is impossible to be possible and from what is still wishful thinking come true. Through this statement, millennials also believe that any change or impact for the person, environment, or society cannot always be measured by the material because the occurrence and impact of the changes can be felt only by actions and concrete actions that start from small things. It will become a big thing that can be calculated in the future. Empowering or humanizing others with all the soft skills they have is the best step to make a move and bring change and positive impacts in the lives of others.

The second is Leadership Multiplication where the statement illustrates the importance of empowering leadership among millennials and also the next generation. Leadership is needed to build experience and organizational space in responding to goals and problems in society. The multiplication model of leadership is offered in a statement that is coordinated by the empowerment of professionals, senior to junior levels and spreading from large cities to remote areas. This is an important action in order to encourage the role of millennials. However, this could be a way to empower others and being advance together in various fields, such as social, cultural, economical, political, legal, security, and other related fields.

Conclusion Along with the development of scientific and technological advances and driven by the era of globalization and digitalization, the existence of millennials is very much needed in society. Seeing the idealism possessed by every millennial can be a catalyst to face all global uncertainties. Millennials’ rigorous work help the government by providing new ideas and breakthroughs for the progress of the nation and state. The idea that is somewhat ‘crazy’ from millennials will prove their sanity in thinking and voicing every new idea that might be done by bringing a massive and holistic change. The limitations of space in society can be penetrated by the innovation and creativity of millennials who are not only able to keep up with their times, but also to conquer them.

Written by: Jianly Imanuel Bagensa, 23, Indonesia

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