Last April, my parents in law came to visit Jeff and me in Taiwan. It was their first time to spend a vacation here. We were thrilled to bring them around. We had planned to visit three different cities, sorts of Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan besides the city we live, Hsinchu. They stayed around one week after visited Jeff’s younger brother in Shanghai, China.

A few months before they came, my family visited us during Chinese New Year in February. They stayed for almost two weeks. Having had a totally different type of visitors, Jeff and I had to readjust the travel itinerary for his parents. It was quite tiring since they only had a week to drop off in four cities from Northern until the Southern part of Taiwan! *Ps. : There was a day I didn’t join them since my legs were so painful. Extremely tight schedule.

  1. Day 1-3 (Taoyuan Intl Airport to Taipei)

Almost every year, my parents in law used to go to China for a business trip and holiday. They have never been to Taiwan since thy had a visa issue when the first time they tried. Hence, we started the trip by heading off to Taipei for 3D1N. We went to Yehliu Geopark, Taipei 101, Jiufen Old Street, Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, and Ximen Night Market. Pfiiuhh, it was really tiring yet fun since it was quite windy on those days. You can check it on the pictures below.

  1. Day 4-6 (Taipei to Hsinchu and Neiwan)

As we wanted to give them some time to rest, four of us left Taipei to Hsinchu. Definitely, we wanted to let our parents visited our house too. Not only that, they had to unpack and drop some souvenirs, snacks, and gifts for us, hehehe. Surprisingly, they bought a heavy set of kitchen pans which was the reason why their luggage became super heavy! They really showed how encouraging they were to let me learn how to cook more, aren’t they? **wink**. At that time, I didn’t join them to Neiwan since I was too tired and we (still) needed to go to two cities that awaited us.

  1. Day 6-7 (Hsinchu to Taichung and Tainan)

Yeay! I was so happy to have a chance to bring them visited Taichung, the city where I studied before. I finally had time to bring my mom in law to go shopping with me in one of the biggest night markets in Taiwan, Yizhong Night Market. Since my mom in law likes shopping and has a modest fashion style, we go just came to Taichung for shopping, hahaha! At night, we head directly to Tainan, the city where Jeff studied. We went by bus everywhere. I think that is one of the reasons we were so tired during the trip.

When in Tainan, we basically just wanted to bring our parents to see Jeff’s campus, National Cheng Kung University. He studied master for only one year due to a work call in Hsinchu. Thus, we took some pictures there then we went to the zoo in Tainan. It was terribly hot and humid there, mostly the animals’ cage areas were dried too. It was quite horrible for animals to stay in that kind of zoo. Finally, we head back to Hsinchu to pack the stuff and head off to Taoyuan Intl Airport.

Travel with parents in law could be really fun. But first of all, get to know their characters and traveling types are really important due to it relates to how we plan for the itinerary, including the accessible accommodation and distance to each destination. Also, try to figure out what kind of foods they would like to try the most and get the idea about things that may make them feel uncomfortable. Weather/season, transportations (preferably rent a car or ride on public transportations), foods and restaurants, and the most important thing, accommodations. We better to make sure about the amenities, including the information about breakfast, sanitary products, bathroom type, until the elevator availability.

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