Women should be responsible for house chores.

Women should be able to labor child, either a vaginal birth or C-section.

Women should be able to work and accomplish greater things at work.

These obligatory concepts or principles have been taught since I was a kid.

No matter how hard the situation is, there is no way to pause and enjoy the presence while doing their favorite ‘me-time’.

Sadly, most women dedicate themselves to ignoring their own privacy.

There is a slight difference between being totally selfless and losing their self-identity to fulfill others’ wishes.

Others, can be family, especially parents and/or older hierarchical family members, friends, and even workmates.

There is a word, feminism. People who follow are called as feminists.

This word is so popular, even creates pros and cons.

I believe every woman has their own fulfillment calling.

Destiny, desire, and devotion lead them into a different passion.

Women are like flowers.

There are many types and colors, yet they bloom and shine in different ways.

So do women.

Strong yet sweet,

Passionate yet fully committed,

Witty yet classy.

Millennial generations, upcoming challenges, multitalented skills.

Women can empower other women with their own stories.

Share experiences by how they tackle problems,

Understand the others’ provoked disagreements,

Being tender when eliciting the passion.

Happy International Women’s Day, blooming flowers!

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