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From the title of this post, I would like to share about how I define friendship.I hope, from my simple writing and sharing experience, being genuine shows the prettiest soul.

At least, that is what I believe J, anyone agrees?

Finding the right friend is quite similar to the way to find the right life partner. Why?

It takes time, opportunity, and willingness.

I strongly believe in these three components of finding the right friends and building a significant friendship. How come?

Time, true friendship takes time. Through any distance, country time differences, even each of them has a hustle and bustle life. Somehow, there are some people who believe true friends are found after couple years of friendship (and still counting J). I agree with that too! How can I be certain of that? Well, I have found my true friends within these two years as I could feel their genuineness to me. I do believe true friends are always meant to be together. Even though you try to run away from them while having a gloomy and bad-hair day until you are being moody, they know exactly what is happening to you. And true friendship only works in 2-ways relationship meaning that it will never work if one is friendly and the other doesn’t care. As it also does not necessarily mean that you have found the true friendship after you guys have been together for years. It also concerns with the way of communication within the time you spent together.

Opportunity, where there is a will, there is a way. Anyhow, keep this quote in mind, it has led me to find a great opportunity to expand my networking and improve my capabilities. One of which is to join multiple organizations, social events, or any work that helps in discovering different characteristics of individuals. Why should you do that? It is to expand your networking, mingle with multi-variant people with different characteristics. In particular, it could help to have self-flexibility by adjusting and being tolerant of many people with different characters. Frankly, I myself still struggle with some people who have ‘quirky’ personalities, haha. In the end, true friendship will always find a connection to accept their flaws, quirkiness, and bad habits J.

Willingness, the gift of friendship, a willingness to listen, a pair of helping hands, a whisper from the heart. That someone cares and understandsAnonymous. True friends always work on together. It requires a reciprocal action to make it work and make it an everlasting friendship. Although there are time and opportunity, without a willingness to start a friendship with these two persons, it is just a waste of time and energy.

Though we stumble by getting hurt, lied, or betray while making an effort to maintain the friendship, remain to be kind, to every kind J. Letting go is never an easy journey, it takes your purest heart to forgive and start your new experience to find the dim of friendship. Together, spread love and don’t forget to always spread the #positivevibe!

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