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EP.06 (International Dating Story with a Taiwanese)

EP.06 (International Dating Story with a Taiwanese)

Nowadays, it is more common to have global relationships, including international relationships. In this episode, we invited Janice, an Indonesian who is currently dating a Taiwanese. Tune in to listen to her story about international dating.

Distanced family relationships under the COVID era

During the COVID-19 pandemic, lots of relationships are forced to change. As the global pandemic still takes hold, the notion of who is there to look out for us and care for us becomes vaguer. It is essential to keep ties with the limited resources and to keep our...

The blurring of emotions under long-distance online dating

With the epidemic raging in life, everyone is bored at home, and for some people who love social life in their lives, such as myself, it simply becomes worse. And we are all seeking a way to solve loneliness. This situation has also led to an increasing proportion of...

EP. 04 (Duduk Diskusi Bersama Ortu) :

Seringkali kita ingin bertanya tentang bagaimana cara mendapatkan persetujuan orang tua. Bukan hanya soal pacaran, tapi seringkali kita berbeda pendapat dan cara pandang dengan orang tua tentang banyak hal. Esta membagikan pengalamannya dan beberapa tips tentang...