“Life always surprises me with every inch of its learning, and youth moment strengthens it a lot”, is the words to describe a 26 years old woman named Alia Wiendyaningrum Silooy. 


Simply many people call me Alia. I am proudly Indonesian, with mix blood of Ambonese & Javanese. I spent my childhood in Montreal, Canada. Therefore, English is the first language that I learned. My Father is a Diplomat for International Air Law Expertise, representing Indonesia in ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). My international circumstances have affected my behavior & way of thinking. As I have friends from many countries, I already learned how to adjust to various cultures in one place.

After six years of enjoying my life in Canada, in the early 2000’s I am back to where I belong, my homeland, Indonesia. It was a new adaptation in Jakarta but thank God I made it! As my friends are very friendly and nice, they make me love to make new friends from many places, not only at school but also when I joined an English Course around Menteng. As time goes by, I learn many things, gained experiences, making new friends, time

management & increase self-esteem. I love it and it influences my leadership. Since Elementary and Junior High, I had been active in various Youth Organization and participated in English Competition in DKI Jakarta Province level.

Also, I represented DKI Jakarta for Japan East Asia Network for Students and Youths in

  1. All of the experiences I got was influenced by my father, Edward Alexander Silooy. I grew up in such an international environment and a very well-loving way of educated family. Until one day I really wanted to study International Relations major in college but I wasn’t accepted. However, my interest in understanding a global relationship led me to choose International Communication as my thesis topic when I studied at Brawijaya University, Malang. After I graduated, I was still active in various social youth movements around my hometown in Kemayoran.

By the time I enjoyed my new role, I joined the selection of ASEAN Youth Ambassador which was held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and I was chosen to represent DKI Jakarta

Province in 2017. Above all of the experiences I have, I see how our youth communities affect our way of life a lot. Also, since family is our first school of life, it will significantly influence our way of thinking and behavior. Since our environment supports our growth process, everything seems to be helpful for us. So, let’s share our opinions and aspirations of youth together!