Greetings. My name is Tsurayya. People call me Aya. I’ve had the honor of working as a reviewer of Here is my first experience as a reviewer. It is not easy to become a reviewer, but you know I really love challenges. Since I write a book with Esta about cross-cultural parenting, I have an immense interest in human global relationships. When Esta asked me to be part of the reviewer team, I think this is a very fantastic opportunity and I approve it directly.

I will tell you my personal experiences regarding the human global relationship. I was born in Boyolali, Central Java, from the Javanese and Sumbawa, married couple. My father comes from Sumbawa. He stayed in Saudi Arabia since he was 10 years old and came back to Indonesia when he was 30 years old. Had decided to stay in Indonesia, he met my mother, a Javanese woman who was born in Pematang Siantar, South Sumatra. From the multicultural background of my parents, it brought me to grow as a person who loves traveling and meets new friends from different cultures.

Studied for more than six years in International Boarding School “Pondok Modern Darussalam Gontor” has given some benefits to me. One of the benefits is to have lots of friends from different countries and cities in Indonesia. I still remember when my roommate brought us some typical foods such as Seblak (from Sunda), Choi-pan (from Singkawang), Rendang (from Padang), Tom yam noodle (from Thailand) and Coto Makassar (from Makasar). I really enjoy the sense. I love stories about the traditions in their cities. Since then, my interest in the human global relationship grows day by day.

My education experience was not the end of my story regarding the human global relationship. I’ve experienced living in an international boarding house when I was a student at the college. I taught Bahasa Indonesia and Basic English Conversation for Palestine, Jordania, and Thailand students. Besides that, I also joined in the Cross-Cultural Club on my campus.

Every once a week, we discuss cultures in different countries. In the cross-cultural club, we also met students from Romania, Slovakia, Japan, Egypt, and many more. This diversity affirms me to have strong tolerance and solidarity.

Once I am married to a man from different ethnicity and living in a new island in Indonesia, I have received a privilege since I have lots of stories in cross-cultural marriage and parenting. My family really enjoys traveling around Indonesia, such as from Sumatra to Sumbawa Island. In December 2019, I brought my kids traveling abroad for the first time. Along with my fellow friends who live in different countries, we all decided to visit Singapore with our families. Since childhood, I really want to influence my daughters about the human global relationship. Thus, is the best platform to share your experiences about it. Come and join as our Article Contributors!