With the epidemic raging in life, everyone is bored at home, and for some people who love social life in their lives, such as myself, it simply becomes worse. And we are all seeking a way to solve loneliness.

This situation has also led to an increasing proportion of the number of people using Tinder recently. Also, due to the epidemic, Tinder has opened up the location function that originally required payment. The location function allows everyone to match different people around the world. Is this a good thing? I think so, but how do we deal with the facts that may happen next? In the age of online dating, the reality of emotions has been blurred.

In my experience, I was paired with a man who lived in Canada during the worst time of the epidemic. He was handsome and tall. Even with time zone issues, we still chat regularly every day. We maintained this for a while. I used to think that we might have something, but as time progressed, the distance eventually eroded the enthusiasm. We can’t see each other because of the epidemic. My mind seemed to realize this at the beginning, but I still didn’t want to admit it. It was just that the two felt bored under the epidemic and just happened to know each other.

Should I flip over? My answer is yes. We should learn to face ourselves more maturely and deal with our emotions. This may be feasible for some people, but don’t put too much thought into it. I think there are several ways to adjust your heart:

1. Don’t pretend to be yourself: Many people would hide a lot of your true self because online dates can’t see you. But generally speaking, when you recognize people on the Internet, you will have a lot of fantasies about the other person. Presumably, this will cause a lot of substantial fall-offs when meeting each other, and it will also destroy the relationship that was so hard to maintain before, so be yourself!

2. Don’t let him take up too much of your time: Because it is online and long distance when you are texting or face-timing, it will often occupy a lot of your time. But when you are done with him, you will feel very empty. So balance your life, do some reading, exercise, go out when you should hang with friends, and live your own life first. Reduce the sense of loss afterward.

3. Don’t expect too much: Because you can’t meet in a short time, you will definitely have some expectations when you are on the hotline, look forward to when you can meet each other and what you will do when you meet. But, please don’t. Because this will bring pressure to each other invisibly, and the reason why online dating is successful is that he does not need any pressure. This will only accelerate the destruction of your relationship.

The conclusion is that I have applied the above principles. From the beginning, I expected something to happen with that far away boy, but now I change my mind and treat him like a friend. I became more comfortable and more aware of myself.