Venue : @grahasaba

How long before the D-day do you usually book a venue? Six months? Four months? Commonly, the society in Solo reserves a venue one year prior to the wedding day. So did my parents. Especially for traditional Javanese people, some of them reserve two years prior to the wedding day. Isn’t it unique?

There is a cultural value behind that. Javanese people believe that a wedding is a perfect time for family and friends to reunite and enjoy the joyful moment together. Somehow, a wedding often relates to socio-economic status (SES) of the wedding organizer. Eventually, we decided to hold the wedding at GRAHA SABA BUANA.

We started to reserve the venue one year prior to the wedding day. Actually, we intended to hold the wedding at night. Unfortunately, there was someone else who had reserved it earlier, hohoho. That is why we held it at midday (11.00-13.00). In January, Jeff and I had the opportunity to meet the marketing staff, Om Yoyok, to discuss about our wedding concept. He was such a kindhearted and helpful person to assist my family and me in executed our concepts. He and his team would be fully in charged during the D-day to assist the committees and event organizer (EO). Well, for a perfectionist and detail-oriented person like me, each concept must be handled perfectly with the expert 😌. For you who want to ask any further information about Graha Saba Buana Convention Center, you can visit their marketing office or contact them via phone call and email on:

Jl. Letjen Suprapto 80B Sumber, Solo // 0271-731941 // gsb_solo@yahoo.com

  Ø Catering : @niekmat_rasa

Before I continue, I forgot to explain the wedding arrangement. My family, Jeff, and I were divided the wedding organizer. For Holy Matrimony, Jeff and I organized and responsible for all preparations, while my parents and Jeff’s parents were responsible for Wedding Reception. Why did you split the organizer? Because most of the guests came from other cities and countries, so we should took care of various groups of guests. Can you imagine that?. So, we all worked as Event Organizer and Wedding Planner for this wedding.

Actually, Graha Saba Buana provides variant wedding packages with various prices range that we can fit our budget. Since there are different vendors who we wanted to work with, we decided to only reserve the venue. Honestly, Jeff and I trusted my parents to arrange the catering as both of us did not really know about wedding food quality in Solo 😋. Fortunately, I guess my parents made a right decision. For some guests we met, they said the foods were successfully indulged their senses..yumm!

For you who want to ask any further information about Niekmat Rasa Catering Service, you can visit their marketing office or contact them via phone call and whatsapp on:

Jl. Veteran No 284 Solo // 0271-726562 / 08882959595

  Ø Decoration : @maxdecorationsolo

Jeff and I felt beyond happy to know there were cooperative and professional vendors. They had been worked hard to understand and conceptualize our imagination and perception into reality. I do believe it is not just a talent or professionalism, but work with full of creativity and passion always lead us to an excitement to be part of someone’s happiest-memorable moment once in their lifetime. The sparks of bliss, the warmth of laughter, and the strong bond of a family which is united by love. It is such a joy to work with someone who put their heart in every preparation and idea💕.

The concept of this wedding is a traditional-international rustic wedding. We decided to blend three colors in one stage, green, brown, and peach. We met the vendor and delivered our concept around March 2018. So, during these four months of finishing the concept, my mom and I had some disagreements and argument. Sometimes it is difficult to understand an idea due to we did not have the same perception. And for me, it is (very) important to stick with our big theme or main idea of a concept. In the end, there will be no argument once there is a new offered design come to us. For you who want to ask for any further information about Max Decoration Solo, you can visit their marketing office or contact them via phone call and Whatsapp on:

Gumpang, Kartasura // 0271-7465700 / 081393606199


  Ø Photographer : @outlookawesome

For Jeff and I, have a great team of documentation is the highlight of our wedding. For that reason, we booked the photographer and videographer since two years ago. FYI, we both were intended to hold the wedding in 2016, but since my dad really wanted me to go for a master first, so we postponed all of wedding preparation 😉. It was quite tough to keep on receiving questions from our friends and colleagues regarding the wedding. Fortunately, I have a very understanding fiance about considered parents happiness and blessing above everything. Lucky for us, we met great vendors to take care of our wedding. They all understood for what happened on the preparation.

After finished my master degree in psychology, we have contacted the photographer in January to have further discussion about the wedding concept. We booked Novanda Adi and team package. Oh-ya, we gave ’50 must-be-taken-photos-list’ to our documentation vendors. They were so friendly and well-understanding when we delivered the details of rundown and concept. For Outlook Awesome, they have the authenticity by creating their trademark on the cameras quality and pictures characteristics. It all magical and deeply meant, even though they just snapped silhouettes 💕. For you who want to ask any further information about Outlook Awesome Photography, you can visit their marketing office or contact them via phone call and Whatsapp on:

Jl. Brigjen Katamso no. 10, Jebres, Surakarta 57128 // 0271-2931024 / 088809820804

Ø Videographer : @streetdcs.photography

It may sound exaggerating, but I was so intense to search for the best video-grapher vendor who can transfer their creativity into a memorable-heartwarming video but still fit our budget. I searched through The Bride Story website, attended a wedding fair and asked our friends recommendations. I think I asked the most questions to this vendor 😀. Some of you might know, I am a details-oriented regarding working on any project. Once I started to find this Streetdcs Photography, they visited my home in Solo, just after they had to record a wedding event in Semarang. FYI, their main office is in Jakarta, but they have a subsidiary office in Jogjakarta. Their clients mostly are from Semarang, Solo and Bali 😍. One thing that we should remember, a wedding is about communicating efficiently for every detail of a concept and theme that you want to both parents and vendors. Make sure both of you and your parents have the same perceptions are also the key point of a successful-memorable wedding. For you who want to ask for any further information about Streetdcs Photography, you can contact them via email and whatsapp on:

streetdcs@gmail.com // 08995559998

Ø Make Up Artist (MUA) : @lieya.lay

Same as documentation vendors, I booked MUA since 2016 😌. FYI, if you have had the vendors you want to work with, better to book them at least four months before the D-day. Usually venue, documentations and MUA vendors have a full of clients list since a year before their wedding day.

What can I talk about Ci Lia, my MUA. She is more than just a MUA for me and my mom, but she is such a good-patient vendor to listen to my entire details concept and try to make it come true for my flawless makeup. I asked her to polish myself in the best way, by furnishing the best feature of me. I asked her for my make up only, but in the end, she even provided my kimono, wedding veil, nail art, Jeff’s corsage and my flower bouquet  . It was beyond my expectation. For the first time I had make up on my face, was the most captivating one, as I still can see myself with all my face feature.  For you who want to ask for any further information about Lieya Lay Make Up Artist, you can visit her bridal store or contact her via LINE and whatsapp on:

Jl. Pluit Permai VI / 50 Jakarta Utara // LINE ID: lieya.lay // 082137481936


Ø Wedding Rings : @karynnco

Here is the best suggestion for all bride and groom to be.. Don’t ever buy your rings in last minutes😜. For Jeff and I, we bought the wedding rings one week before the wedding day..lol. I know it sounds too brave and careless, but we had an ideal reason for that. Due to Jeff arrived one week before, so we decided to buy it together once he arrived in Solo.

Unfortunately, Jeff’s ring was too big. Since we needed to resize it, it took around three weeks to resize and carve our names on it. Frankly, we both were quite disappointed by the staffs who didn’t tell us there was an additional fee for resizing the rings (>/< 3 size than the original ring). Fortunately, we got the rings’ design just like what we expected. For you who want to find wedding rings too, you can visit their stores on:

  1. Solo Paragon Mall – Jl. Yosodipuro No.133, Mangkubumen, Solo
  2. The Park Mall – Jl. Ir. Soekarno, Dusun II, Madegondo, Grogol, Solo Baru, Sukoharjo

Ø Souvenir : @souvenirsolo (Patma Souvenir)

For souvenir and invitation, Jeff and I let my mom choose the vendor. We both delivered the design for a tote bag as a souvenir and we were glad to see the result. They were reliable enough to understand our concept and design. My dad and I started to give the design in February and it was ready in early May. They also gave extra pieces of souvenirs. For you who want to find Patma Souvenir, you can visit their store or contact them via whatsapp on:

Jagalan RT 03 RW 14 Jebres, Solo // 081327434082

Ø Invitation : @undangan_solo (Agsha Invitation)

As aforementioned, Jeff and I entrusted my parents to deal with souvenir and invitation vendors. Souvenir vendor was found by my mom and invitation was found by my dad 😄. We trusted him as he got a good recommendation from his friend in Solo. Honestly, my mom and I didn’t trust him before (sorry dad! 😛), but as we saw the design on Whatsapp and visited the store directly, it was beyond our expectation. It had the rustic theme with wooden-color paper, leaf and dragged names written on the cover. I love it, even my parents and Jeff were surprised by the printed result 💖. I shed tears when I hold it for the first time, as it felt unreal to (finally) see your name together with your husband on it 😚. My mom and I were checking the revised design almost ten times to make everything was on point, haha (*perfectionist mode on). Indeed, we need to make sure all information was precisely written on the invitation. For you who want to find Agsha Invitation, you can visit their store or contact them via whatsapp on:

     Jl. Kyai Mojo RT 01 RW 06, Semanggi, Solo // 085733336310

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