Spring in May,

Solo, Indonesia, 10 May 2018

Before I start to share my opinions about my life experience in Taiwan, I want to say “hi” to all friends who just come to visit my blog 🙋.

I am Esta, a graduate psychology student at a private university in Taichung, Taiwan. I took my master degree (M.Sc program) in 2016. That was not my first time to go there, as I visited Taiwan for joining a social project from AIESEC in 2014. For those who asked me why did I choose Taiwan as my master program degree, I will share it below.

At first, I don’t think I should share this very personal yet typical-ambition of a dreamer. I can say, I am merely a dreamer. That is why I always like to try, even though I know I may face hardships while passing rocky moments. Since I was a kid, I wanted to be a clinical child psychologist. This dream was my main goal since I entered bachelor degree.

Long story short, once I graduated in 2014, I worked around two years before I decided to apply for a master program. Honestly, I’ve been dreaming to study in University of Indonesia, as one of the best universities in Indonesia. In 2015, I applied for Clinical Child Psychology master program in University of Indonesia for the first time. I think you guys know what happened next. Yes, I failed😢. FYI, in this university, they have two steps before you are officially accepted as their master student. Firstly, we need to join Tes Potensial Akademik (Academical Potential Test). Once we passed, we can join the next round test, the psychotest and Interview. It was extremely intense! (for me😇). As I failed for the first time, I felt so challenged to re-register for the second test. Shortly, I failed😰. Again. I know it was tough and seemed pathetic. It was, I admit it. It is not me if I don’t try again. This is what I called as SURRENDER. As I took the third test, my aimed was only to observe the accepted candidates. For the third test, the judges looked through my psychotest results, then they conveyed their suggestions that I always remember until now🌙.

During the time I applied there, I also tried to apply a scholarship program in New Zealand. Unfortunately, I could not continue the process as they just offer low tuition waiver. Oh, why did I choose New Zealand? First, I love their psychology program. Compared to Australia, there is a university which provides Child and Family Master Program. Second, I love to study in nature with the breeze blowing around and third, the culture they own. In the end, I let it go and steer my mind to see East Asian countries master program.

Taiwan, the first thing I know about this country is about their strong relationships in education, economic, and trade with Indonesia. Our country bilateral relationship may offer various types of scholarships, either from government or university. As I have been there before, I feel more safe and convenient to stay in that country. In the end, I applied for a university scholarship in January 2016, and got the announcement in July 2016, a week after my engagement. Our God is an awesome God, right? The journey took 1,5 years to officially graduate and own an ‘M.Sc’ title. Personally, I don’t really think an education degree is important if you really know your expertise field qualifications requirement. For instance, to be a licensed and registered psychologist, either work in clinical or scientifically, it is compulsory for psychology bachelor students to pursue a higher degree, at least a Master of Science, or Master of Applied Psychology. Taiwan also is known as a ‘hi-tech country’. This title leads into two sides, positive and negative effects. As a psychologist, Taiwan has tremendous psychological issues from their cultures and local wisdom, social behaviors, and even mental illness awareness🌱.

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